Dialog mit der KI.

Beeindruckende Ergebnisse mit chatGPT!

Kürzlich wollte ich testen, ob man mit chatGPT folgende Idee umsetzen kann:

Man nehme ein Foto, lasse es durch einen Bildanalysator laufen (GPT4 kann das wohl auch, wir haben es mit einer anderen Software getestet) um Meta-Tags zu erhalten, ergänze diese gegebenenfalls und nehme das als inhaltliches Briefing für einen Textgenerator – ergänzt um ein Briefing zur Form und zum Umfang. Gesagt, getan:


Tell me a positive and entertaining story about hills, harbor, see, snow, dog, uncle john, year 2006


Once upon a time in the year 2006, Uncle John took his dog on a road trip to a charming coastal town nestled between rolling hills and a picturesque harbor. The town was covered in a blanket of snow, which made the scenery even more enchanting.

One day, Uncle John and his faithful furry companion decided to take a stroll along the harbor. As they walked, they stumbled upon a group of children building a snowman. The children were giggling and playing, enjoying the snow and the crisp sea air.

Uncle John’s dog, who had been exploring the area, came bounding back to Uncle John with a big stick in his mouth. Uncle John realized that the children might enjoy playing fetch with the dog, so he called out to them and asked if they would like to play with his dog.

The children were overjoyed and began throwing the stick for the dog, who gleefully retrieved it and brought it back to them every time. Uncle John watched with a smile as the children and his dog played together, enjoying the winter wonderland.

After playing with the children, Uncle John and his dog continued their walk along the harbor. As they walked, they came across a group of sea lions basking in the sun on a nearby pier. The dog was fascinated by the sea lions and eagerly watched them from a safe distance.

Uncle John and his dog continued to explore the town, taking in the stunning views of the snow-covered hills and the sparkling sea. They stopped at a cozy café and warmed up with some hot cocoa and freshly baked pastries.

As they left the café, Uncle John realized that his dog was missing. He began to search for him and soon found him playing with the children again. Uncle John chuckled to himself, realizing that his dog had made some new friends.

The rest of their trip was filled with more adventures and fun, but Uncle John and his dog never forgot the beautiful town with its hills, harbor, sea, and snow. Whenever they looked back on their trip, they always remembered the joy they felt and the memories they made


Write a short poem about Sarah, Jane, Paris, Louvre in 2005


Sarah and Jane, off to Paris, To see the sights and taste the wine, Amidst the bustle and the chatter, The Louvre beckoned, so divine.

They wandered through the endless halls, Admiring art from long ago, The Mona Lisa, Venus de Milo, Their beauty made their spirits glow. They marveled at the ancient ruins, And strolled along the Seine, Oh, what a lovely trip it was, In 2005, they’ll remember again.


Write a haiku about peter, Paul, love and darkness


Peter, Paul in love Darkness cannot dim their light Heartbeats together



Also … ich bin beeindruckt. Einverstanden: es ist ein Sprachmodell ohne Sinn und Verstand. Aber das Ergebnis finde ich toll. Selbst mal testen?

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